Friday, January 22, 2010

Language: from coke to Coke

Just published this blog post over at the Social Lens.


  1. am a pepsi drinker

  2. I was just glancin' over this map. My brother lived in Milwaukee for while, and he still says "soda". We think he's weird.
    I was surprised to see how many people say "pop". I've only seen that in the ghetto here, I guess I'll think of it different. lol.
    And lastly, I'm wondering what in the world is "other"...

  3. Ever since I could talk, coke has stood for all softdrinks. I guess I call it all Coke because that is what I have heart my parents call it. I think it just goes to show how something can have many different names but they are generally mean the same thing. and that most people can interpret what you mean even if they call it something different. This may be why the country of Chad has so many dialects, yet the people still remain in peace.

  4. I like your writing style. Nice blog.