Monday, April 13, 2009

The Beauty Breakdown

The True Cost of Lifetime Beauty Care

This is a wonderful interactive graphic from Newsweek about beauty and the modern girl/woman.

What norms lead girls and women to spend so much money on beauty and cosmetic products?


  1. Anonymous2:11 PM

    That was crazy, those numbers and totals!
    Girls and women have to look pretty, they have to look good. Not just face and hair, but entire body, every freakin' body part... I've always said that it's not fair, for the girls, guys don't have all the "grooming" and stuff they have to do, no one even cares. But women, again, every part, like a barbie doll. Perfect skin, all waxed up, perfect hair. It's expected. The younger you are- it's to make yourself up, older it's to keep yourself up. If not you "let yourself go". And on topic, you never ever hear about a man "letting himself go". The norms are ridiculous, so much on how we look. Bet no one spends that kind of money taking care of their health (or education, some childrens education) It's just all the small things that add up cause society says you gotta look a certain way. All trying to stay young and beautiful. Yeah, people buy right into it. Without even thinking about it. Those products become "necessities" for them.

  2. cdossett10:14 AM

    women have always had to live up to "Barbie" standards. It's a shame some people carry it so far. Advertising methods have to take some of the blame. Maybe as parents we should teach our children that true beauty is inside.
    My cost according to the article is 158,000. I don't think so!!!

  3. Anonymous12:53 PM

    The norm is that most men make women feel unperfect. Therefore women are trying to become perfect in their own eyes as wells as the mans.

    Robert Askins

  4. Anonymous12:58 PM

    In society's eyes. Women are even in competiton with women.

  5. Women are their own worst enemy. Not only are they hard on themselves, but they're hard on each other.

    And yes, Robert, some men don't exactly help the situation. I have a feeling that some of that has to do with their own insecurities.

    Personally, I'm thinking my hubby got a bargain. Except for all the shoes and handbags I buy. The beauty care stuff? Eh, not so much. Good "young looking" genes I got from my mom and grandmother, I guess.

    I'm okay with growing old gracefully, or maybe not. The wrinkle I get are a testament to the life I've lived. I'm okay with embracing that.

    What we need to pay closer attention to how we're raising our daughters. Do they feel comfortable in their own skin or are they already thinking about plastic surgery, makeup, high heel shoes, and mini skirts?

  6. Kaley W9:20 PM

    I wonder what those numbers look like in other countries? Our country is so over infatuated with looks, especially girls. In other countries I think girls are more appreciated for their natural beauty. American girls feel so much pressure to live up to what the media has deemed beautiful.